Our team is governed by the leadership and its board members within the Momentum Racing Team, LLC.  The team leadership consists of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer (filled by the CPA), Technology Director and Membership.  The board consists of six (6) members, four (4) from the leadership team and two (2) from Momentum Cycling, LLC.  The board will focus on the direction of the team, its growth and how the team is fulfilling its obligations to its sponsors.  The leadership team will also focus on the direction of the team, its growth, communications and branding, member benefits, sponsorship and daily business activities.

All leaders of Momentum Racing, LLC are unpaid volunteers. Our management team meets the Wednesday before each team meeting (usually the last Wednesday of the month). This is a closed meeting, but any team business at the monthly team meeting will be discussed and shared.

2016 Board Members:

Jeff Maassen [email protected]
Steve Maas [email protected]
Chris Dial [email protected]
Brian Roggeveen [email protected]


2016 Leadership:

Vice President
Secretary Brian Roggeveen [email protected]
Technical Director Britt Treece [email protected]
Treasurer Steve Maas [email protected]
Mtn Bike Member Representative Brian Roggeveen [email protected]
Triathlon Member Representative Xavier Koening [email protected]
Cyclocross Member Representative Rick Bass [email protected]


Past Leadership:

President – 2011-2016 Jeff Maassen
President – 2011 Josh Rodgers
President – 2010-2011 BJ Keane
President – 2009-2010
President – Pre-2009
Josh Heihn
Steve Maas