Team Rides

Safety is paramount on our team rides.  All participants are expected to respect the laws and other users of the road.  Do not put yourself or any other person in danger.  Remember that when you are on our team ride, you are not only a representative of our team and sponsors but of all cyclists.  Ride accordingly.

We will have team training rides at specifics days of the week.

There are several crucial things to keep in mind when in group training rides:

  • Helmets are required, No exceptions!
  • Monday and Thursday group rides are drop rides. This means if you don’t know the route ahead of time, please let someone know.  We will have a volunteer ride with you so you can become familiar in case you get dropped by the group.
  • If you get a flat, please have the appropriate equipment with you to change the flat.  Some members may stop to help, but understand if it’s a drop ride, you may be on your own.
  • We ride no wider than two abreast.  Not only is this the safest way to ride, but it’s the law as well.  Although we proudly assert and defend our rights as cyclists, we try to minimize our impact on motorized traffic.
  • We never cross the center line to pass another rider or to echelon.  No exceptions, this is unsafe for the rider violating the center line as well as creating an unsafe atmosphere for those around them. No exceptions, this will not be tolerated!
  • If you are at the front of the group, you are responsible for keeping the ride smooth and safe.
  • Know how to paceline and echelon – these are crucial skills when riding in a group.