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Race Results

Burnin' at the Bluff

Another great showing by the Momentum mountain bikers this past weekend at Burnin’. Congrats to all that came and battled the Bluff.


Luke Newport and David Dalessio’s team got themselves a buckle (1st) in the Clydesdale class.
Sneat Pinkles, Todd Dohogne, and Jay Wright got 2nd in the Fast class.
Joseph Perry’s team persevered for a 7th in the Fast class.
Jj Skiver’s team earned 2nd in the Burnin Virgins class.
Mary Piper’s team got 3rd in the co-ed class.
In the 6 hour solo race, Brian Roggeveen was 2nd, Mike Barro 7th, and Douglas J McDonald 16th.


Josh Rodgers battling Patrick Kirkes from Big Shark for first place up a steep climb

Bubba Cross Series #1 - Queeny Park

Men Open (A Race)

X Patrick Gribbon

Men Cat 3/4 (B Race)

1 Josh Rodgers
X Ricky Bass
X Joel Maisenhelder
DNF Kyle Cress

Men Cat 4 (C Race)

19 Jeff Maassen
X Sean Ross

Women’s Open (A Race)

3 Cat Ebeling

Women’s 3/4 (B Race)

2 Kelly Patty
6 Tracie Vogel

Cat Ebeling standing on the podium at Veldrijden - 2nd place - Womens Open!

Veldrijden Columbia CX

Men Cat 3

6 Josh Rodgers

Men Cat 4

3 Ricky Bass
19 Sean Ross

Women’s Open

2 Cat Ebeling

Ricky Bass showing his barrier skills at Gordon Moore Park

Wild Trak Bikes Superprestige CX Series #4 – Gordon Moore Park

Men Cat 3/4

2 Josh Rodgers (Overall Series Winner)
3 Kyle Cress (4th Overall in Series)
15 Rick Bass

Men Cat 4

2 Evan Lardinois
9 Jeff Maassen

Mens Masters

2 Patrick Gribbon (2nd Overall in Series)

Women’s Open

3 Cat Ebeling

Kyle Cress chasing down Dogfish rider Aaron Gardener over a barrier

Wild Trak Bikes Superprestige CX Series #3 – Gordon Moore Park

Men Cat 3/4

1 Kyle Cress
3 Josh Rodgers
18 Rick Bass

Men Cat 4

8 Jeff Maassen

Mens Masters

7 Patrick Gribbon

Women’s Open

5 Cat Ebeling

United Federated of Dirt (UFD)

Rhett's Run and UFD Series Podium Results

Big congratulations to the Momentum mountain bike racing crew on a great UFD season and at the UFD XC finale last weekend. Great season folks. We’ll be at Burnin and the Epic later this month to represent!

Rhett’s Run Results:

Cat 2 Men 30-39 – Luke Newport 2nd
Single Speed – David Dalessio 3rd
Marathon Women – Laura Cleary Scherff 1st, Mary Piper 3rd
Marathon Men – Brian Roggeveen 3rd, Chris Thiele 10th, Douglas J McDonald 11th

UFD Series Podiums:

Cat 3 Men 40 – 49 – Doug McDonald 1st
Cat 3 Men 50+ – Ricky Bass 3rd
Cat 2 Men 30 – 39 – David Dalessio 1st
Marathon Women – Laura Scherff 2nd, Mary Piper 3rd
Marathon Men – Brian Roggeveen 1st, Chris Thiele 2nd

Patrick Gribbon flying down the Fly Over in style at the Gateway Cross Cup

Gateway Cross Cup

Men’s Open

33 Kyle Cress
34 Joshua Rodgers
39 Patrick Gribbon

Men Cat 4

10 Ricky Bass
17 Jeff Maassen
19 Sean Ross

Women’s Cat 4

4 Kelly Patty

Men's 3/4 - Josh Rodgers getting a good spot after the start

Wild Trak Bikes Superprestige CX Series #2 - La Vista Park

Men Cat 3/4

3 Josh Rodgers
18 Rick Bass

Men Cat 4

9 Evan Lardinois
10 Jeff Maassen

Mens Masters

15 Patrick Gribbon

Kelly Patty taking 2nd overall in the Dogfish Cross Hermann CX Womens Cat 4!

Dogfish Hermann CX - Day 2

Men Cat 3/4

15 Josh Rodgers
DNF Robert Trapp

Men Cat 4

14 Jeff Maassen
20 Britt Treece

Women Open

6 Laura Scherff
8 Mary Piper

Women Cat 4

2 Kelly Patty

Jeff Maassen and Britt Treece running the barriers at Hermann CX

Dogfish Hermann CX - Day 1

Men Cat 3/4

8 Josh Rodgers
9 Kyle Cress

Men Cat 4

9 Rick Bass
14 Britt Treece
23 Jeff Maassen
30 Sean Ross

Men Masters 35+

DNF Joshua Rodgers

Men Masters 45+

13 Robert Trapp

Women Cat 4

1 Kelly Patty

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